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Massage Balls Set for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Mobility, Muscle Recovery, Foot Massager and Plantar Fasciitis, Inc EBOOK

  • WHAT DO YOU GET? - You get your own personal Multi-use massage therapist! – Includes: 5 inch massager ball, 3.5 inch Spiky ball, 2.5 inch rubber ball, carrying bag + FREE Exclusive digital user guide. Save yourself the time and cost with a portable solution for your home or the gym.

  • 5 INCH BALL IS A PERFECT SIZE - The unique 5’’ diameter recovery massager ball is the perfect size to perform a deep tissue massage to any areas of the body. It's much more effective than other smaller massage balls or foam rollers because of the multi-dimensional roll capabilities

  • RAPID RECOVERY & INSTANT RELIEF FROM TIRED SORE MUSCLES – Releases sore and tight muscle knots, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage to rejuvenate and revitalize all areas of the body, myofascial release, plantar fasciitis, a great solution for chronic back & shoulder pains. The Sporty Healthy Habit massage ball set is designed to improve muscle performance and decrease recovery time, making it an essential for all fitness enthusiasts.

  • MULTI-USE MASSAGE – From inflamed feet to a strained back, every injury is unique and therefore the treatment. So why would you treat them the same? Sporty Healthy Habit’s mobility ball set includes balls of different textures, firmness, and sizes for all your recovery needs!

  • BETTER MOBILITY BONUS – Maximize your trigger point therapy and minimize muscle knots with the FREE Exclusive digital user guide! With this FREE GIFT, you’ll know exactly how to use your new therapeutic massager, so you can make the most of your myofacial release practice.Don’t Push Through the Pain, Defeat It!

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