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Giant Hand Therapy Stress Ball -Blue

  • STRESS RELIEVER – In stressful or uncomfortable situations or in case of a need, simply squeeze the Sporty Healthy Habit stress ball to reduce the tension. In doing so, you will keep your hands busy, your mind focused and gain anxiety Relief.

  • INCREASE YOUR FOCUS - Using Sporty Healthy Habit hand squeeze balls will sharpen your focus while boost flexibility and agility of your muscles.

  • BUILD UP YOUR GRIP & HAND STRENGTH - With our Hand Grip Exerciser Strengthener you will be able to increase your grip by strengthening your forearms, fingers, and wrists.

  • EASE THE PAIN, REDUCE SORENESS - As you squeeze Sporty Healthy Habit hand stress ball, your blood circulation will improve, and you will feel less stiff. Furthermore, the hand therapy stress Ball is great for post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation, as well as for reducing symptoms of carpal tunnel and arthritis.

  • MADE TO LAST & ERGONOMIC – The gel squeeze ball is 2.75 inches in diameter, suitable for large hand size. Latex and BPA free, covered with pleasant to touch, breathable Lycra fabric, it won’t make your hand sweat and will stay fresh and odor free. The fidget balls come in a breathable mesh drawstring bag for your convenience and offers long-lasting durability and optimal comfort.

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