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What do you do if you feel panicky or stressed? Either find an alternative way to get out of the situation or face the problem. Whatever method you choose to fight stressors, your body and mind should be peaceful and calm.

There are various coping strategies available for distress under pressure. Three ways help calm down your stress that triggers a fight-or-flight response. You get anxiety and stress relief by focusing on goodness while ignoring negativity.

Relief Stress
Relief Stress

Physiotherapy plays a significant role in training your mind and body to remain calm under pressure. You can use various physiotherapy tools to avail of their benefits, like a stress ball that benefits your body and mind and improves the quality of life.

How can I reduce my stress levels?

You can reduce your stress level in many ways that make you active and alert. Sometimes stress is necessary as some people perform better under pressure while meeting deadlines. However, there are many ways the best of them are:

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises help to calm your nerves under stressful conditions. You feel fresh and relaxed after a few minutes of practicing breathing exercises. There are many techniques to perform these exercises:

  • Box-breathing exercises: The box breathing technique helps to slow down your breathing, also known as square breathing. Sitting on a chair with your back should be at rest. Your feet are planted firmly while. Exhale all air out—Inhale for four counts through your nose. Hold your breath for the following four counts. Exhale again through your mouth for four counts. Take a break for four counts and repeat.

  • Diaphragmatic breathing: Sit, stand or lie while placing your right hand on the chest and your left hand on the belly. Breathe through your nose for at least four seconds. Purse your lips and gently press your stomach. While keeping your hand on your chest, exhale for two seconds. Repeat it.

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique: Using the nostrils on both sides helps to calm the nervous system. Sit comfortably, close your right side nostril with your right thumb, and exhale— through the left nostrils, inhale. Close the left nostril. Now open the right nostril and exhale. Inhale through the nostrils and close it. By opening the left side, exhale through the left nostril.

  • 4-7-8 Breathing Technique: Find a comfortable position in sitting or lying. Close your lips tightly and exhale through your mouth. For the following four counts, inhale through your nose. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Do whooshing and exhale for the following eight counts. Repeat it.

  • Pursed lip breathing: It is a helpful technique for relaxing your mind. Inhale through your nose for two seconds so that all air moves in your abdomen. Purse your lips and slowly blow all air out for four seconds, just as whistling. Repeat it 3-4 times.


Meditation is the training of the mind and body to find inner peace. It provides help with anxiety and stress relief. It enables you to accept the present scenario without judgment and criticism. Meditation also offers emotional stability and improves the quality of life.

Stress ball benefits

Do you feel unusual pressure on your shoulder? You may feel stress related to your presentation tomorrow. Hold a stress ball and get its benefits within a minute. It reduces the cortisol level while improving circulation in your body so that you feel relaxed.

How does exercise help with stress?

Exercise is significant in stressful situations as it relaxes your mind and keeps you physically and mentally healthy. Laziness itself is an important cause of stress. When you get up and exercise, you will feel like you are doing something good in your life.

Exercise will boost your mind, and you can do more daily activities. Your energy levels become high after doing exercise. The benefits of exercise in case of stress are:

  • Exercises increase the level of endorphins, making your brains feel good.

  • Exercises help to boost your mood.

  • Your confidence level increases, reducing the effects of minor stressors.

  • Exercises provide anxiety and stress relief.

  • It lowers the symptoms of mild depression and anxiety disorders.

  • It improves your sleep.

How can I cope with stress at work?

When do you feel stressed about your job? While meeting a deadline or supervising a critical meeting can pressure you and cause stress and anxiety. But the great thing is that you can cope with stress at work by following tips.

  • First of all, you need to know which things trigger stress. When you know the leading causes, you can deal with them.

  • The most important thing you must do at work is set boundaries. It will help you to prevent many stresses.

  • Always manage your time and make time to relax in between work. You can never do work 24/7; your mind and body need rest from time to time.

  • If you are having difficulty doing some work, there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

All these points help you to cope with job-related stress. Because overwhelming stress can be dangerous for mental and physical health, remember you can't avoid job-related stressors; however, you manage them perfectly.

How much exercise do you need to manage stress?

To manage stress, you must exercise daily, as consistency makes everything perfect. Daily exercise helps to manage stress by improving blood circulation and supplying oxygen-rich nutrients to your body.

You can perform different types of exercises like aerobics along with yoga or meditation—a moderate aerobic activity of 150 minutes a week. A vigorous aerobic activity for 75 minutes a week can also relieve anxiety and stress.

You can also perform moderate and vigorous activity in combination. But always consult with your physician and therapist before starting any exercise plan because they know how to manage your stress.


Final Verdict

Exercise is the best way to relieve stress. Practicing meditation and using a stress ball also di-stress yourself under pressure. You can also cope with pressure by connecting with people with a positive vibe. They can boost your energy and mood.

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