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Nociceptive pain is a type of pain where all the body’s pain receptors are intact, but the tissue is damaged. It is different from neuropathic pain, which occurs when there is damage to the pain receptors in the body.

There are three types of Nociceptive pain and they are radicular, somatic, and visceral pain. This condition originates from your never cells known as nociceptors. These nerve cells are located all over the body, including the skin, muscles, and vital organs.

Nociceptive pain can cause numbness, tingling, headaches, aching, and pin or needle sensation. While this condition is not a disease, it can be a symptom of a serious health condition like arthritis.

The most common way to alleviate nociceptive pain is to treat the underlying issue triggering the pain. However, some say that massage can help ease nociceptive pain.

This article will discuss how massage can be a tool for pain management and why doing so can help you improve the quality of your life.

How does massage help pain reduction?

Massage therapy refers to a group of healing techniques that benefit both the body and the mind. It is performed by touching various parts of the body. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), massage therapy is a practice that has many health benefits for the mind and body. So, massage is not just for rich people with nothing better to do. It is an actual health practice that promotes healing and relaxation.

Massage therapy works by amending the body’s soft tissues and moving the joints in specific ways. Vibration, pinching, friction, kneading, and sliding are examples of therapeutic moves used for massage therapy.

Massage Ball Spike
Massage Ball Spike

Massage has many health benefits, but one of the most prominent ones is pain reduction. For example, a 2017 study published in the Journal Pain Medicine reported that massage could help to reduce chronic low back pain. The study shows that more than half of the participants had less pain after just twelve weeks of regular massage therapy.

This is one of the many studies in the growing body of evidence that shows how massage can be an effective method for treating pain.

Massage has numerous benefits that can help you relieve pain, including:

Increased blood circulation

Massage therapy helps to promote blood flow because it creates pressure in the body that facilitates movement in congested areas. As a result, damaged tissues get more oxygenated blood which helps them heal faster. Massage also helps to lower blood pressure and promotes lymphatic drainage in swollen areas. Hence, improved blood circulation can help your body heal and reduce your overall level of pain.

Improve sleep

Experts say that massage can help to improve the quality of your sleep because it slows down the pressure in your nervous system. Sleep is also necessary for healing and restoration functions in the body. In addition, getting a massage can reduce your levels of a compound called the substance P, a neurotransmitter for pain. So, massage will help you reduce your pain by helping you sleep better, which in turn will reduce your pain sensitivity and promote healing.

Improve relaxation

Experts say that stress relief is the major benefit of massage. Research suggests that massage helps to reduce the level of stress hormone known as cortisol in the blood. Massage can also help you relax by easing tension in the muscle and reducing soreness. All of which aid feelings of calm and relaxation. Plus, experts say that during a massage, the brain release feel-good hormones like endorphins. These hormones promote feelings of pleasure and calm, which helps to reduce pain.

Are massage balls effective for nociceptive pain?

There is little to no scientific evidence that shows massage can heal nociceptive pain. In most cases, nociceptive pain is caused by underlying health issues or an external injury. To relieve the pain, experts say it is better to see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. For example, if the cause of your nociceptive pain is a bruise, the pain will subside as you heal. On the other hand, if you have a kidney problem, then you need to follow the advice of your physician for proper treatment. However, the evidence does show that massage can provide temporary pain relief. If you don’t have time and money for a spa, you can try using massage balls to ease your pain. Just make sure you use the massage ball on your muscles and not your bone or spine.

Do trigger point massage balls work?

The trigger point ball is one of the most popular types of massage balls. These are often small spheres filled with tiny steel beads that provide a deeper massage by focusing on trigger points. When the beads are between two muscles, they move more easily and help loosen tight muscles by stimulating nerves and blocking pain signals. This means that trigger point massage balls can be used to relieve muscle tension.

Also, these balls are made of rubber, which is a good material for muscle release due to its elasticity. The rubber surface provides excellent traction, and the inner fabric layer keeps the ball from slipping out of your grip. Plus, it is easy to grip and maneuver. Because of these properties, a massage ball trigger point can be used to target tense muscles in any area of the body, such as the neck or back.

Reduce Back pain
Reduce Back pain

How do massage balls help lower back pain?

Data shows that back pain is the most common cause of disability in the United States. More than thirty million Americans experience a recent episode of back pain yearly. Back pain can be caused by various factors, such as poor posture, muscle strain, degenerative disc disease, and injury. There are numerous treatments for back pain, including physical therapy and acupuncture. However, exercising with massage balls is one of the most effective, easy, and affordable options. Massage balls can help relieve lower back pain by increasing blood circulation and relaxing muscle tension. It can also be used on the lower back to improve range of motion and relieve pressure on the spine.


Nociceptive pain is medically referred to as pain caused by tissue damage. It is also a symptom of serious health issues like arthritis. While you cannot treat nociceptive pain with massage, it can help you temporally ease your pain. Massage is good for pain relief because it promotes blood circulation, improves sleep, and helps you relax, which improves your overall well-being.


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