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How do you feel when someone gives you a tap on your back after accomplishing a task? You love it because it gives you more confidence to work with the same spirit next time. Just like that, your body also loves when you give it rewards after finishing your challenging workout.

When you finish a grueling workout, you are in a hurry to leave the gym and do other chores. But this mentally tortures you, and you get tired and want to quit. Always remember, fitness is not about doing workouts. Fitness also needs to be maintained.

You always need an extra reward to push through a hard workout. You can use grip strengtheners for assistance or a stress ball to relieve knots in many ways. So if you are wondering how to reward yourself, here we have a guide.

How can I reward my body after a workout?

Nobody except you can treat you in the way that you want. Giving yourself a tap, a tasty meal, or a breakthrough in a hectic routine, helps to nourish you. You feel physically and mentally relaxed. You enjoy a happy nap and feel fresh.

Pay yourself during a workout.

It is optional to reward yourself after a workout. You can give rewards during a workout. You can do different group exercises you love at your favourite gym to make your challenging workout enjoyable.


When you do strenuous exercise, your body temperature increases and blood vessels also widen. So if you stop suddenly, you may feel dizzy or develop DMOS. So after a workout, give yourself a cool-down session.


A hard workout causes muscle soreness which results in pain and inflammation. Stretching the muscles after a workout reduces the chances of soreness, helps to ease pain and reduces inflammation.

Delicious Hydration

You can drink a lot of water before, during and after a workout, which is necessary. But on some days when you push your limits at the gym, you make simple water delicious by adding cucumber, mint, and citrus fruit.


After strenuous exercise, your body deserves a good massage. Massage helps to increase circulation and relieve knots and tightness. You can use stress ball adults for it. Massage helps to increase the percentage of regenerating muscles.


Do you love a nice nap? You do. A great way to reward yourself after a challenging workout is to snooze. This will help your body recover, ease knots and reduce extra stress and tightness.

Tasty but healthy food

Everyone loves to eat delicious food. You can drink a low-calorie smoothie or add some berries or peanut butter. You can also eat whey wheat pasta with some sauce on it. Do you feel it's mouth-watering?

Rest Day

Everyone gets tired of the same routine and wants some break; the same with the workout. Rest not only helps to regain your strength but also gives mental relaxation. You can go to the cinema, or read a book at home during the rest of the day.

Treat your feet

Do you think that your feet are unsung heroes of your challenging exercises? They bear heavy weight and have different pivoting positions. So give your feet extra care, massage, use some cream and soak in warm water.

Purchase Exercising tools

The best reward is purchasing tools to make your workout simple and easy. For example, you can buy grip strengtheners to increase your hand muscles' strength.

New fitness gear

Like women, men also love to wear trendy suits and shoes. After a tough day, buy yourself a new pair of shoes or a gym suit. It not only gives confidence but also improves your gym performance.

How often should I reward my body?

The best thing is the continuous reward to achieve your goal. It is best for the newbies who get tired and want to quit. But to develop a sound body with a sound mind, you can reward your body at intermittent intervals.

There are four types of intermittent rewarding which include:

Fixed Ratio

In this type, you must perform a workout in a fixed number. After that, you are rewarded. Like taking a chocolate milkshake after ten planks or lunges.

Fixed Interval

In a fixed interval, you are rewarded after a specific time interval. For example, you can enjoy your favourite drink after an hour of strenuous workout.

Variable Ratio

In this type, a reward is given after various exercises. Like sometimes, you enjoy your smoothie after ten planks, or sometimes after twenty planks.

Variable Interval

In variable intervals, a reward is given after a variable interval of times. For example, drink your grape juice after an hour or two hours.

What is the benefit of treating yourself after an exercise?

After a challenging workout, treating yourself with a reward is the best thing you can do for your body. Its main benefit is that it keeps you motivated for the next time. There are other benefits too.

  • It boosts your mood

  • It gives internal motivation

  • Allow you to take some rest

  • Enabling your muscles to recover

  • Transition to new challenges and routine

  • Allow you to take care of yourself

  • Reward helps to build self-confidence and build self-esteem.

  • Rewards develop the ability to remain stuck to your dreams and goals.

Final Verdict:

You are rewarding yourself after a grueling workout gives you internal motivation towards your goals. Always choose a meaningful reward that you can use in your workout.

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