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stress balls set

Hand Therapy Stress Ball 3 Pk - Relieve Stress, Anxiety/Strengthen Hands Fingers + Wrists - 3 Firmness Levels -White Blue Black - with Bonuses

  • DECREASE STRESS AND TENSION - Improve the quality of your life with these easy to use and fun stress balls from Sporty Healthy Habit. Our hand grip strength trainer squishy gel balls in 3 grades of firmness are covering in nice to touch fabric, have no unpleasant smells and are durable and 100% safe for adults (12+) . Perfect for controlling the need to get up and walk around and an excellent solution to strengthen the wrists and hands after injury, surgery or illness.

  • MADE TO LAST - Contains 3 tear proof gel balls of varying firmness from super soft to grip enhancing squish. Each ball is 2.36 inches in diameter, suitable for almost any hand size. Latex and BPA free, covered with pleasant to touch, breathable fabric, it won’t make your hand sweat and will stay fresh and odor free for thousands of uses. The three balls come in a breathable mesh drawstring bag for your convenience. Keep them safely in one place at home or take them with you.

  • FIDGET DISCREETLY - Students who fidget and find it difficult to sit still and concentrate often find themselves in trouble through no fault of their own. Having a Sporty Healthy Habit ball to grip is often all it takes to focus the energy otherwise expended on tics and relentless moving of one or more parts of the body. By gripping and releasing the ball, you are concentrating all that energy into one discreet place. Also perfect for adults who suffer from boring meetings!

  • SQUEEZING, THE ULTIMATE EXERCISE - You can strengthen your grip simply by using this hand grip strengthener. The balls acts as resistance and you are able to relieve the pain and discomfort of problems such as stiff joints or carpal tunnel caused from too much work on computers, phones and tablets, arthritis or post surgery. Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise for injury repair or recuperation.

  • FIDGET TOY FADS COME AND GO but the stress ball is here to stay. It calms you while not infringing on anyone else’s state of mind. BUY YOURS NOW and squish yourself into a new, more focused you with healthier and less painful hands and lower arms. You’ll also receive our free stress relief coloring ebook. If you’re not 100% satisfied with this product, simply return within 30 days for a FULL REFUND.

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