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Welcome! We are passionate about promoting wellness, stress relief, and mindfulness to help everyone achieve their health and fitness goals. Our premium hand therapy stress balls and massage balls are designed to help you perform at your best by relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation.


We believe a healthy mind and body are essential for optimal performance. We are committed to providing the tools you need to stay healthy, focused, and motivated. Thank you for choosing our products and being a part of our community!

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  • What materials are the massage balls made of?
    We use a variety of materials to produce our products such as Silica Gel Rubber, EVA Foam, and PVC.
  • Can you wash the massage balls in soap and water?
    Yes, Warm water and soap.
  • Do the massage balls have a smell/ give off an odor?
    No, the massage balls are fragrance / odor free.
  • Are the massage balls squishy?
  • How do you clean the stress balls?
    You can use warm water and a soap to clean the Lycra fabric.
  • What is the material inside of stress balls?
    TPR Gel.
  • What is the diameter of the stress balls?
    2.36 inch or 6 cm.

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"I can't recommend this product enough, absolutely amazing! I have a herniated disc, I recently heard a podcast that mentioned "massage balls" to help with back pain. I decided to try it out, and I could not believe the results. Again, absolutely amazing!"

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