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Have you experienced muscle soreness after a workout? Or maybe your back hurts after a long day of sitting in the office? What you need is a massage ball. These colorful balls may look like toys, but research shows that they can be very effective for dealing with various health issues such as pain, sleep deprivation, and stress.

At Home Exercise
At Home Exercise

While some experts suggest getting a professional massage regularly, not everyone can afford to do so. For most people, a spa is an expensive luxury that only the rich can enjoy. However, what most people don’t know is that exercising with a massage ball has the same benefits as a regular massage at the spa.

In this article, you will learn about tips and tricks of using massage balls and how they can help you improve your health and well-being.

What massage balls are best for exercise?

There are many different types of massage balls, and they are made from a wide range of materials. Your choice of massage ball will depend on your needs and personal preference. If you want to massage your feet, you should buy a small smooth massage ball. These balls are good for targeting small muscles in the body, such as those found on the feet. They are also good for sensitive areas as they don’t create a lot of pressure. On the other hand, big smooth massage balls work well on the areas of the body with large muscle groups such as the thigh, glutes, and shoulders. They cover a larger surface area which helps you massage more muscles quickly. If you have nerve pain like sciatica or deep tissue muscle stiffness, you should use a spiky massage ball. The spikes create pressure in the body, which makes them ideal for deep tissue massage. However, people with tender, swollen, or tingling muscles should be careful when using spiky massage balls. This is because applying too much pressure to a sore muscle may cause injury and increase the intensity of your pain. Aside from smooth and spiky massage balls, they are also hard and soft massage balls. The hard balls are for when you need more pressure, but you don’t want to use a spiky ball. The softball won’t create a lot of pressure, but they are great for surface massage for sensitive areas such as a swollen leg.

There are also special massage balls like peanut, lacrosse, or trigger point massage balls. These balls are usually used by professionals to treat specific muscle issues. For example, trigger ball massage balls have tiny beads on their surface that fits into the spaces between muscles, which helps to improve movement and blood circulation.

If you want to do a home massage without buying a massage ball, you can try using a tennis ball. While tennis balls are not ideal for massage, they are good for beginners who already have them lying around.

A lot of brands advertise their massage balls as the best. But the truth is that all massage balls work in a similar way, and the difference is only based on size, texture, and shape. So, if you just need these balls for exercise, you should buy a massage ball set.

Is a massage ball great for exercise?

Massage balls are great for exercise. They help to loosen tight muscles, which promotes blood circulation in the body. As a result, more nutrients get to the tissues and nerves, which aids in the healing process. Using massage balls is also great for intensifying the benefits of stretching. Experts say that stretching before and after working out helps to prevent injuries. Plus, massage balls also promote relaxation and better quality sleep, which will help you recover faster from your workouts, thereby preventing injury and pain.

How to use massage balls during exercise?

How you massage with balls during exercise depends on the area of your body you want to focus on. You can use massage balls for your neck, shoulders, back, feet, and even thigh and buttocks. Experts say you can use massage balls everywhere on your body except your joints, spine, bone, and vital areas like your face. To use massage balls for a full body workout, you should:

  1. Start with your neck area. You can gently roll the ball in a circular motion around your neck while avoiding your spinal cord.

  2. Then slowly move the ball to your shoulder. Gently massaging the shoulder from the inside out, still in a circular motion. When you are done with one shoulder, you can move to the other and repeat the process for about one to two minutes.

  3. Next, move the ball to your back area. There are several ways to use a massage ball on your back. You can use it on a wall or lay down on a mat. To use the massage ball on a wall, you should place the ball on the wall while holding it with your back. Then squat a little and move the ball slowly with your body. The other option is to lay down facing up with your legs folded. Then place the ball underneath your back. And slowly move the ball around your back for a deep tissue massage.

  4. When you are done with your back, you should work out your thigh, buttocks, and leg area. To do this, you should move the ball upward or circularly around these areas. You can do this exercise by standing, sitting, or lying down.

  5. Lastly, you need to massage the bottom of your feet. This exercise can be done while standing or sitting, deepening your level of stability. But if you choose to stand, make sure you have something to hold on to. All you have to do is place the ball on the floor. Then step on it with the arch of your feet. Gently roll the ball around your feet to massage the area.

How to do a quick exercise with massage ball at home?

There are many ways to exercise with massage balls at home. The easiest and fasted option is to do small circular motion movements on the area of the body you want to massage. For example, if you want to massage your hand, you should place it on the region and slowly move it clockwise and counterclockwise to ease the muscle tension.

Body Massage
Body Massage


A massage ball is necessary for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to use, and you can exercise with them anywhere. Working out with massage balls helps to reduce pain, improve sleep quality, increase blood flow, and induces calmness by easing muscle tension. You can use a massage ball for a full body workout on your neck, shoulders, back, thigh, legs, and feet. Doing this regularly will help you manage your stress and prevent exercise-related injuries.

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