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We have all heard this story before. It is pretty impossible to escape stress in your everyday life. Having excessive and unmanaged stress for long periods can have health consequences such as heart problems leading to heart attacks, according to the American Institute of Stress, and a weakened immune system which can leave one vulnerable to the flu and infections. Stress is also often the cause of one's inability to control emotions and premature aging.

Manage stress on a daily basis with a simple and effective remedy at home.
Reduce Stress

But you don't need to let stress bog you down; you can take control. Whether it be a stressful day at home, work, or school, it does not mean that it cannot be managed. Managing stress is not cumbersome and expensive, and it can be something that could be easily added to your daily and weekly routines. There are ways to relieve the pressure and take control, and here are some ways to manage the stress in your life, whether it be adding something new to your routine, stress ball exercises, having someone to talk to, or incorporating something into your diet.

"But you don't need to let stress bog you down; you can take control."

Talk about it with a friend.

Having someone to talk to about what makes you stressed is always a nice thing to do. Knowing that someone is there to listen to what you have to say can be reassuring. Having another person, such as a close friend or a loved one, can help you put things into perspective.

"Having another person, such as a close friend or a loved one, can help you put things into perspective."


The exercise does not have to be very strenuous or tiring, such as a marathon. It can offer relief in stressful times if it means getting your daily dose of exercise, such as opting for a walk instead of taking the bus and taking the proper breaks at work to stand up and stretch. When your blood gets moving, endorphins are released, which can help instantly improve your mood.

A healthy lifestyle is know to reduce stress effectively, this includes, healthy foods, sleeping well, socializing and doing an exercise to help your body relief stress.
Healthy Lifestyle

Another form of exercise can be hand exercises for those who prefer simple exercises to their routine. Stress ball for adults, hand strengthening kits like Serenilite are good places to start getting a better grip and flexibility on your hands.

"When your blood gets to moving, endorphins are released, which can help instantly improve your mood."

Get a good night's sleep.

Stress is the number one enemy to getting restful sleep. But the opposite is also true as the lack of sleep can cause stress, and this cycle can have repercussions on one's body and overall health over time. It is best to get the textbook eight hours of sleep, but ensuring sleep quality is also important such as having dim lights, relaxing before bedtime, and the like.

"Stress is the number one enemy to getting a restful sleep."

Use Breathing Techniques

The correct breathing exercises are a simple, effective, and convenient way to reverse your stress response when things get very overwhelming. You can start by doing some diaphragmatic breathing which means getting into a comfortable position, closing your eyes, and paying close attention to your breath. Being aware of your breathing helps you be more mindful about how your body responds to stress, which is useful when you notice that you need to calm yourself down. Another technique is to use clean deep breaths. By breathing deeply in through your nose, take in as much air as you can, then release it with a focus on emptying your lungs. Repeat this process to take out the tension from your back and shoulders.

"The right breathing exercises are a simple, effective, and convenient way to reverse your stress response when things can get very overwhelming."

Drink Herbal Tea

Coffee may be an everyday staple for many people, but in large doses, caffeine can cause a short-term spike in blood pressure. The same can also be said for energy drinks. A better alternative can be to drink green tea. It has less than half the caffeine of coffee, contains plenty of antioxidants that contribute to its healthiness, and contains theanine. This amino acid can help calm the nervous system.

Use a Stress Ball

Often overlooked, stress balls can have several benefits that do justice to their name and help you manage your stress. Squeezing a stress ball activates the muscles to contract while releasing it helps the muscles relax and helps with stress relief. This repeated action of pressing the stress ball can help relieve tension and stress from your daily routine, which can be pretty refreshing. The previous study has shown that giving people minor distractions can help boost productivity by giving the mind a break, leading one to be better focused afterward. This can serve as a form of distraction from the things you are stressing about and helps improve your mood as endorphins are released by your brain when you are squeezing the stress ball.

Stress balls is a convenient tool that will help a person reduce stress and suitable for all type of ages.
Stress Balls

It is also a mini form of exercise as it keeps your hands engaged and helps in their flexibility, and activates the nerves in your hands. Including a stress ball in your daily routine can help improve your circulation and aid in muscle strengthening. There are many instances where one can use stress balls such as managing work stress, taking care of the kids, having it around the car for when traffic gets bad, taking your mind of studying for school, etc.

The bottom line is, stress is a natural part of life that everyone has to deal with, but just because it is there does not mean that you cannot do something about it. There are different ways that you can manage stress with just a simple stress ball hand exercises. If you think one may not be working, then it is the best time to explore other new ways to deal with it, whether it be eating healthy food that you like, finding an exercise regimen you enjoy, or discovering the handy nature of stress balls. Discover stress relief through premium high-quality stress balls and toys from Serenity. Manage your stress with one of the best brands in stress relief, and embrace the end of the year being stress-free.

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