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Trigger points are a common problem that can be caused by anything from working out too hard to sitting down for hours at work. If you have ever experienced a knot in your back or neck, then you know how uncomfortable they can be. Luckily, there is an easy solution called massage ball! Using massage balls during self-massage treatments is the best way to alleviate trigger point pain and keep it away for good.

While massage balls work best when used with massage oil, you can use them without it and just simply place them between two towels. Be sure to massage one area at a time so that the ball does not move around too much and lose its effect.

Relieve the trigger points pain with an effective massage balls
Back Pain Trigger Points

Ways to use Massage balls to relieve trigger points

There are many ways to use massage ball kit during the massage. Here are some of the best practices:

Trigger Point Pressing: Place one massage ball with spikes on top of your hand and then another under it, balancing them both out. As you press into your skin with one hand, use the other to massage the muscles that you feel are most tense or bothersome. This massage for trigger points is great because you can massage both of your palms at the same time!

Soft Tissue Massage: Place massage balls on a flat surface and sit with your legs resting over them. As you lean back against the massage balls, they will penetrate deep into your muscles. Use slow, long strokes to massage these trigger point areas. The massage balls are perfect for this method because they are firm enough to get in deep but not so hard that it hurts when they come in contact with your skin.

Trigger Point Compression: Roll massage balls underneath your feet while laying down on the ground after you have finished rolling out any tight spots in the bottom half of your body. It is a great massage for trigger points to roll massage balls underneath your feet.

Trigger Point Massage with Interchangeable Massage Tools: You can turn massage balls into massage tools by converting them into accessories that fit onto your existing stretching equipment such as foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and tennis balls. Simply stretch out your muscles with those tools first, then massage the sore spots using massaging balls as an accessory to those tools. This massage for trigger points is very effective because you are already putting pressure on the muscle that needs relief!

A portable and convenient tool to for daily body massage
Body Massage with Massage Balls

Types of Massage Balls for Trigger Point Pain

Many massage tools can be used with massage balls. The massage balls work with a variety of items to give you the best massage experience for your money!

Foam Rollers: With massage balls on the ends of foam rollers, they make it more comfortable and easier to massage those hard-to-reach places like your neck, and upper back muscles. A great thing about massage ball attachments is that as long as they fit on the end of the roller, they will provide more comfort and trigger point relief.

Tennis Balls: You can attach tennis balls to either a lacrosse ball or a foam roller depending on what area needs massaging. As mentioned above, you can use these tools in combination with massage balls to massage your feet, calves, and hamstrings. Another great massage for trigger points to use massage balls with tennis balls is to massage your back muscles, glutes, and even hips!

Lacrosse Balls: Using massage balls with lacrosse balls is a great combination because you can use them on almost every part of your body. As seen in the picture above, you can massage specific areas like your inner shins or outer thighs. But where it shines as far as massage tools go is when they are attached to lacrosse sticks so that you can deep-massage those hard-to-reach places like the upper back muscles or your neck.

Tennis Rackets: This accessory is slightly different than using massage balls along with massage tools. If you are very serious about sports massage, massage balls can be attached to specific massage equipment like tennis rackets. This massage tool is perfect for anyone who wants immediate trigger point relief while they play an active sport that always leaves them sore afterward.

Massage ball to use trigger points
Massage Balls for Pain Relief


If you're looking for a solution to trigger point pain, then look no further. You can use massage ball for upper back pain, during self-massage treatments or if you simply want to get the relief you need without having to go out of your way or spend money on other solutions like massages. You can also try our durable massage balls that will help you relieve any muscle pains or stress in an instant!

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