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The loss of control is a scary experience. It can be extremely stressful when everything seems chaotic and out of your control. In some cases, it can even cause anxiety and depression. Having a sense of control is important because it gives us confidence and stability. In our modern world, everything is literally at your fingertips. But all the technology and information can become a distraction that makes you lose sight of your internal direction.

Reduce Stress
Reduce Stress

When we feel we have no control over our lives or the things around us, we can spiral into a state of confusion. In this article, you will discover what it means to be in control. You will also learn some tips and tricks that will help you regain control of your life.

What does being in control of your life mean?

Feeling in control implies having mastery over your life. It can be as simple as knowing what to expect from the day and when it will begin and end. It could also mean having more control over your time, finances, and health. Whatever it means to you, having control gives you a sense of security and certainty. In stressful situations, that sense of security can help you feel confident, happy, and even calm.

How do you maintain control of your life?

It is important that we feel a sense of control to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, if you think that your level of internal control has declined, here are some ways that you can improve it:

Avoid autopilot mood

As civilization advances, we are automating as many tasks as possible. Because of this, people are trying to be more productive by doing everything at once as fast as they can. The problem is that such robotic behavior causes actions that impair independent thinking, which makes you feel like you are not in charge of your life.

To turn off your life's autopilot, you should take your time to make all of your own decisions and pay attention to what you're doing. You should also avoid the pitfall of routines, as doing the same thing every day can take away the magic of creative thinking.

Avoid toxic situations

Toxicity is everywhere these days. Thanks to social media, it is becoming more difficult to avoid it. Whether you are at work, school, or spending time with your family, it is important that you avoid any situation that makes you feel insignificant. Sometimes, it might be a particular person or group that causes the toxicity. If so, you should learn to deal with such individuals. People who have a toxic boss can speak up or change jobs. If you have a toxic family member, you can confront or completely avoid them as much as possible. But if the toxic person is only a friend, you should remove them from your social circle and not feel guilty about it.

Manage your stress

Too much stress in your life can make you lose your sense of control. Stress puts the brain into a survival mood which limits your cognitive functioning and impairs your decision-making abilities. There are many ways to manage stress, including meditation, practicing good sleep hygiene, and doing relaxing techniques like yoga and Pilates. You can also use stress balls to help you calm down. These little health toys are great gifts for stress relief, and they help you concentrate better, which can improve self-control.


To regain your internal self-control, you should spend your time doing the most important tasks first. Because when you lose focus and become tired over time, it will be more difficult to complete the items on your to-do list. Also, doing the most important things first will ensure you are making good decisions which leads to positive outcomes. The better you perform at your job, school, or business, the more satisfied you will feel with your life.

Do not multitask

Nowadays, there are numerous distractions, such as television, cell phones, social media, and so on. But learning to concentrate your whole attention on a single activity will help you finish it faster and enable you to do a good job. If you feel tired and you have so much to do, it's better to take short breaks between activities than to try multitasking. You can also choose to divide your tasks into smaller time slots. If you are struggling with your concentration, you can squeeze some stress balls to ease your tension and help you focus better. Doing these things will help you avoid losing focus and pay more attention to the task at hand which increases your level of internal control.

Get as much sleep as possible

A good night's sleep will help you regain all of your energy to ensure the success of the next day. If you do not sleep well, you will feel unmotivated and too exhausted to maintain your mental cognition. Also, sleep deprivation can lead to poor decision-making, anxiety, depression, and even physical illnesses like diabetes. That is why experts recommend you sleep for at least eight hours every night. When your body is well rested, your level of internal control will increase, and you'd be better able to perform your daily tasks.

What gives a sense of control?

Your sense of control is determined by your overall feeling of well-being. While you cannot control your health outcomes, eating healthy foods and exercising can help you to feel a better sense of internal control. However, having a sense of control goes beyond your health. People who are in control of their lives can take charge of their body, mind, finances, work environment, major decision-making, and social life.

What are the two things you can control in your life?

According to experts, there are only two things you can control in your life, and they are your actions and attitude. While having a sense of control is good, you cannot determine what others do, but you can decide how their behavior affects you. Having a good attitude puts you in control of your life's perspective. But it's your actions that truly improve the quality of your life. Some things you can do to improve your life outcomes are:

  • Be grateful

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Manage your stress

  • Go to bed early

  • Choose a good career

  • Take charge of all your major life decisions

  • Let go of the idea of controlling everything

  • Plan for both good and bad possible outcomes.

Stress Management
Stress Management


It is difficult to maintain control of your life in the face of so many distractions. Being in control of your life is a powerful feeling. It can be extremely soothing and even relaxing. If you want to achieve a sense of control, you have to invest in your health, well-being, and self-growth. Make sure you avoid toxicity, multitasking, sleep deprivation, and stress. You should also make better decisions and deal with the difficult situations you encounter. Doing these things will increase your level of internal control, which will empower you to have a better quality of life.

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