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Stress refers to an intense feeling of tension in your mind or body. While it is not classified as a disease, it can seriously impact your physical and emotional well-being. High levels of stress are very bad for your health. So much so that research shows that it is linked to the top five major causes of death in the U.S., including cancer and heart diseases. That is why you need to take care of yourself to ensure your stress levels don’t get too high.

Although you cannot always avoid stress, there are many ways you can manage it. This article will discuss easy ways to instantly reduce your stress level and how you can achieve fast results with stress balls.

How effective are stress balls in removing stress?

Stress balls are a cheap and effective way to deal with stress. They are easy to carry around, and they can be squeezed or rolled between your hands. Studies show that squeezing and releasing a stress ball can help relax tension in the muscle tissue. This occurs because the act of squeezing creates contraction of the blood vessels, which increases circulation. More blood flow means the muscles in your hands and wrist receive more nutrients, aiding the healing of sore muscles. Also, squeezing stress balls distract your mind from the stressor. All of which help to reduce your stress level.

How do you relax with a stress ball?

While there are many different types of stress balls, they all have the same function. The easiest way to relax with a stress ball is to squeeze them. You can also play toss and catch in the air with them. Stress balls are soft, which makes them perfect for massaging the hands and shoulders. However, they cannot be used to massage larger muscle groups like your back or legs. If you want to massage with stress balls, you should gently roll the ball in a circular motion around your hands, wrist, and shoulders. Another way to relax with stress balls is to stretch your fingers. To do this, you should grab the ball in one hand, making sure your finger grip is tight to secure it. Then slowly, roll the ball in a clockwise and anticlockwise movement with your fingers. Don’t forget to include your thumb in this exercise.

How do you relieve stress in 10 seconds?

Stress management is a long-term strategy. But if you are tensed and need quick relief, here are some things you can do in ten seconds that will make you feel less stressed:

Take a deep breath

Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed, the best you can do is to stop for a moment and take deep breaths. Doing this will reduce your blood pressure, hence limiting circulation and lowering your heart rate. You don’t need any special equipment. Just breathe as deeply as you can, hold it for about five seconds, and breathe out. You can repeat for five to ten times to ease the tension in your body.

Take medication

While you should not be taking drugs too often, sometimes muscle tension causes pain which makes you feel more stressed. So, if you have a mild headache or pain in any area of your body, you should take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen.

Change your posture

When you position your body incorrectly, it can lead to tension in your muscles which can make you feel stressed. Studies show that people with bad postures tend to push their heads and shoulders forward, resulting in muscle strain. So, you should make sure your body especially your neck and shoulders are properly aligned to instantly ease your stress level.

Stand in the sun

Studies show that exposure to sunlight helps to relieve the symptoms of depression. Even if you are not depressed, being in the sun and breathing fresh air can make you feel better. Therefore, making you feel more relaxed, which reduces stress.

Try stretching

A stretch is a low-intensity exercise that gives your body a quick energy boost. Studies show that stretching can promote blood flow and ease muscle tension which will help you relax. Stretching does not have to be complicated. You can do a quick stretch by simply rolling your shoulders, raising your hands, or opening and closing your chest.

Start counting

Sometimes when you’re worried, all you need is a distraction from the stressor to help your mind calm down. A simple way to distract yourself is to count numbers. If you want to make it more effective, you can count backward. This works because your brain can only do one thing at a time. So, while you are counting, you won’t be thinking about that upcoming meeting, exam, or project deadline.

Use a massage ball

Massage balls are small fun balls that help ease tension in your muscles which aids relaxation. You can use a tennis ball if you don’t have a massage ball. All you have to do is roll it in a circular motion on your hands, shoulders, neck, and legs. You can also place the ball on the floor, and roll it underneath your feet.

Try mindfulness

The act of mindfulness practice is a type of meditation that helps you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and how your actions affect you. Studies show that practicing mindfulness regularly helps to ease stress because it distracts you and makes you see things from different points of view. For example, if you're having a stressful day, you could pay attention to the sounds around you by tuning into your environment (e.g., the sound of traffic or birds chirping). By doing this, you'll be able to connect with your environment better and take advantage of the chances it gives you, which helps to reduce stress in an instant.

Use a stress ball

Stress balls are small, colorful, and softballs that help to ease stress quickly. All you have to do is squeeze the ball for five to ten seconds, and you’ll feel better in an instant.

Eat something sweet

Sugar may be bad for your health, but studies show that it can help to ease pain and promotes relaxation. When you eat something sweet, the brain releases reward hormones like dopamine which makes you feel good at the moment.


You cannot avoid stress, but if you allow your stress levels to get too high, it can cause serious harm to your physical and mental health. While there are many ways to manage stress, you should try squeezing a stress ball for fast tension relief. You can also practice mindfulness, take deep breaths, stretch, eat sweets, stand in the sun, or change your posture to help reduce your level of stress instantly.

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